The Mokrin Agro is based in Vojvodina in Serbia and is one of the most fertile territories in Europe. Our main concern is the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity, which binds us to the highest environmental standards.


About us

Using advanced and professional methods of modern soil monitoring, we ensure that our arable land is regularly checked, which enables us to constantly monitor and improve soil fertility. We place particular emphasis on healthy and vibrant soil, as we are aware that it is the basis for cultivating healthy and safe crops of a high quality. Our technologies for soil treatment, as well as crop cultivation and maintenance, are adapted to these principles. By using modern approaches, advanced methods and technologies, and by cooperating with various knowledge institutions, we are mastering and upgrading precise farming step-by-step, which guarantees us the long-term cultivation and production of healthy and natural products.


The company Mokrin Agro is committed to organic farming and the development of new products. The first such project is to establish a blueberry plantation spanning 20 ha. The plantation is designed according to the highest global standards. American blueberries are grown in the optimal coconut substrate, the irrigation and fertirrigation are computer-controlled, and the fruits are protected by an anti-hail, anti-wind and anti-bird protective net. The plantation is designed to maximize the use of irrigation water, as the company is already aware of the importance of rationalizing the use of water for both agricultural and non-agricultural purposes. All jobs are recorded and managed with modern software. All the electricity required for the smooth operation of the sensors, weather station, computer, pumps and other electrically-powered equipment is produced on site through solar panels. Excess electricity is stored in batteries installed in auxiliary facilities, which ensures the smooth operation of the entire system/plantation even when there is a lack of solar energy.

The next step is to establish a modern, partially robotised sorting/packing line which will minimize the exposure of our blueberries to mechanical damage. This will extend the shelf life of the blueberries and enable us to provide our end customers with American blueberries of the highest quality. The entire system from the picking to final packaging will be computer-controlled to realize our basic idea that no more than 24 hours should pass between the picking of the blueberries and their arrival to store shelves.

Our vision

The Mokrin Agro company aims to become the most sustainable agricultural company in Serbia; we will selflessly demonstrate our advanced technologies to the interested public and share our experience in order to improve the environment together and to make the agricultural industry more sustainable with minimal environmental impact. This is evidenced by the project of building a solar plant in the plantation itself, where all the necessary electricity for the operation of the whole system (control, fertigation, weather data acquisition) is obtained from renewable energy sources / photovoltaic cells. Excess energy is stored and consumed as needed, e.g. at night, during cloudy days.


Duke is an early variety and we expect to start harvesting around May till the middle of October. The peak of the season is around the first week of August. Duration of the season is 45- 55 days per year. We sell our product in 125 and/or 250 g paper punnets (cardboard trays) or the shape upon our costumer's needs. With our advanced sorting line, products (blueberries) can be classified into several desired parameters. Our sorting machines enables us to analyse internal and external quality parameters and to grade blueberries according to:

  • Size,
  • Colour,
  • Skin defects,
  • Pulp defects,
  • Excessive softness,
  • Presence of stem,
  • Over-ripeness,
  • Shrivelling/dehydration,
  • Bruise.
With a modern sorting and packaging line, we follow the highest standards of sorting and packaging of American blueberries with a purpose to offer the best quality of the blueberries to the end customer.



Berry size: Large
Primary use: Fresh, Processed
Fruit Qualities: Light Blue, Firm, Mild Flavor
Bush Habit: Stocky, Upright
Chilling Level: High Chill
Very early


In our production we strive to achieve the highest standards at the level of production, environmental and human level. Therefore, every year we obtain the following quality standards:

  • Global G.A.P. (GGN: 4063061401472)
  • GRASP standard
  • SMETA standard


MOKRIN d.o.o.

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